Which of the Sidemen passed out at a party?

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  • Elijah Joseph
    Elijah JosephTime siden

    This is the 999th comment

  • Renzo Panaguiton
    Renzo PanaguitonDag siden

    Yooooo 6:26 I heard something

  • Hippity Hoppity
    Hippity Hoppity2 dager siden

    Josh dosent have the worst teeth anymore, dudes looking good no homo

  • BBrereton
    BBrereton3 dager siden

    wheres vik

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse3 dager siden


  • Solitude 3798
    Solitude 37984 dager siden

    Do a longer version of this plez😍💯

  • Rashed Elamin
    Rashed Elamin4 dager siden


  • ‘
    6 dager siden


  • Cal.
    Cal.8 dager siden

    They say there not role models yet the whole reason I haven't killed myself is because of ejtan

  • Eplews2_YT
    Eplews2_YT8 dager siden

    “We’re role models” Name of the vid : which sidemen passed out at a party

  • Metallic Twister
    Metallic Twister8 dager siden

    6:45 HARRY

  • Charlie Topping
    Charlie Topping9 dager siden

    Thousandth comment

  • Will Giffen
    Will Giffen9 dager siden

    Who else thought of traffic come right away

  • Benzy
    Benzy9 dager siden

    11:13 vikk just exposed that It was fake..

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J9 dager siden

    Lit ep

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J9 dager siden

    Kendrick won a pulizer

  • フ乇丂丂乇 爪卂尺ㄒ丨几乇乙
    フ乇丂丂乇 爪卂尺ㄒ丨几乇乙9 dager siden

    Why volume low??

  • Mikey92
    Mikey929 dager siden

    If sidemen weren't consistent I'd cry

  • mikael
    mikael9 dager siden

    Is it just me or is Ethan's voice very annoying

  • sbd00 6
    sbd00 610 dager siden

    Am I being dumb or was there meant to be a bid yesterday on this channel

  • Clay
    Clay10 dager siden

    6:25 simon says the n word lol

  • John Kringlebu
    John Kringlebu10 dager siden

    You are role models ! I want friends just like you. If you think about it, what would life be like if you did not know each other or were the SIDEMEN.

  • Ted Dan
    Ted Dan10 dager siden

    no Tuesday upload? :(

  • Emmanuel Lesaca
    Emmanuel Lesaca10 dager siden

    Play trap adventure

  • ATA
    ATA10 dager siden

    Sidemen need to try out Asphalt 9 Legends fr

  • Luke Cairns
    Luke Cairns10 dager siden

    There’s 0 filter on Harry 😂😂

  • alex davis
    alex davis10 dager siden

    ethan laughs waaaaaaay too much at his own jokes smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Spades Layz
    Spades Layz10 dager siden

    No upload? It's Tuesday

  • Liam Kopaloff
    Liam Kopaloff10 dager siden

    this is a shit game just do gta

    xXGAMER FREACKXx11 dager siden

    Make a video with f2 freestylers

  • Livi Lewis
    Livi Lewis11 dager siden

    When they are ur role models

  • Terjinderpal Singh
    Terjinderpal Singh11 dager siden

    Swear simon says the n word at 6:25

  • FTS_chris 28
    FTS_chris 2811 dager siden

    6:25 ayo simon??????????? LOLLLL

  • dumolay
    dumolay11 dager siden


  • Melinda Ilyes
    Melinda Ilyes11 dager siden

    Can you guys play dirt rally two or something like that in in a video?

  • Elliot Berlin
    Elliot Berlin11 dager siden

    6:26 not the n Word

  • Anwar Moukhaiber
    Anwar Moukhaiber11 dager siden

    Advertise your videos as what they actually are I wasn’t gonna watch this I didn’t know it was role models if you said role models I would have instantly clicked it

    MESUT OZIL11 dager siden

    6:26 did he say the n word

  • Timmy 79

    Timmy 79

    11 dager siden


  • Daniel
    Daniel11 dager siden

    Tobi is so boring



    9 dager siden

    Shut up

  • Timmy 79

    Timmy 79

    11 dager siden

    Shut up Daniel no one cares

  • Mateo Atehortua
    Mateo Atehortua11 dager siden

    Damn I thought everyone knew what the Pulitzer prize was

  • Georgia •_• :]
    Georgia •_• :]11 dager siden

    The next sidemen Sunday should be “drinking till one of us pass out”

  • David Uzunov
    David Uzunov11 dager siden

    More more more of this game please!!!!!!

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado
    Beinerth Chitiva Machado11 dager siden

    10:20 BRUH. They don't know what a Pulitzer is? Damn.

  • RyaAn
    RyaAn11 dager siden

    You guys are huge role models , I wouldn’t be where am I now without you

  • Carlos Albidrez
    Carlos Albidrez11 dager siden

    the 2016 election gave me more nightmares then ksi's hairline

  • Jarvis Okapu
    Jarvis Okapu12 dager siden

    5:10 Harry unlocks a new laugh

  • Rolando Cervantes
    Rolando Cervantes12 dager siden


  • Timmy 79

    Timmy 79

    11 dager siden


  • Hersh Bansal
    Hersh Bansal12 dager siden

    Should do a MoreSidemen video on which team can get the most signatures to vote for Niko

  • Ethan Ashton
    Ethan Ashton12 dager siden

    Seems so empty we put JJ

  • Yaboi 123
    Yaboi 12312 dager siden

    At 6:25 Simon says what😳😳

  • Timmy 79

    Timmy 79

    11 dager siden


  • Strobe Nation
    Strobe Nation12 dager siden

    6:24 Simon says n*gga

  • Ꭱite
    Ꭱite12 dager siden


  • SyroxxHD
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  • Daniel Udom
    Daniel Udom12 dager siden

    Did anyone else hear Simon saying n*gga 6:24 😂😂

  • ShiftyBeast
    ShiftyBeast12 dager siden

    W video

  • Aarush
    Aarush12 dager siden

    “Absent,Missing” i was waiting for ethan’s dad to show up

  • Midwest Fishing
    Midwest Fishing12 dager siden

    That’s a easy one jj wouldn’t last 3 hours lol

  • Assasin *
    Assasin *12 dager siden

    Where’s Jj gone

  • Leo Teasdale
    Leo Teasdale12 dager siden

    thay shold play jackinthebox.

  • Praneel Bhosale
    Praneel Bhosale12 dager siden

    Definitely didn't take half the video just to figure out who's in it

  • Dom Bearbounds
    Dom Bearbounds12 dager siden

    You should do I’m celebrity get me out of here but sidemen way

  • Jay With An i
    Jay With An i12 dager siden

    Where is the nightmare for Harry about dua lipa not letting him in the tree house 😭😭

  • Jabifoto
    Jabifoto12 dager siden

    @sidemenreacts: react to the best highschool quotes

  • Jake Ball
    Jake Ball12 dager siden

    Wheres the among us with lazarbeam

  • haron boubekeur
    haron boubekeur12 dager siden

    i just want sidemen to play ark with mods

  • Anjad Kabir
    Anjad Kabir12 dager siden

    Why Simon's Eyes Are So Big?

  • Only Fury
    Only Fury12 dager siden

    Ndl #Nikoformayor

  • ssslurp ttv
    ssslurp ttv12 dager siden

    Honestly harrry is so good to vik. Everyone else is laughing their tits off at “these white bitches” and then tobi puts it. Everyone votes it but Harry votes vik. Just a subtle thing I noticed.

  • Nails FoLunch
    Nails FoLunch12 dager siden

    Absent, missing, super introverted... Ethan's dad?

  • Kalemdt90
    Kalemdt9012 dager siden

    What Tf is wrong with the thumbnail

  • The commenter
    The commenter12 dager siden


  • Jackson Omorogbe
    Jackson Omorogbe12 dager siden

    We just gonna ignore Simon said the N word at 6:27

  • Timmy 79

    Timmy 79

    11 dager siden


  • Moustii
    Moustii12 dager siden

    I’m surprised no one heard Simon say the n word at 6:24 and slow it down to x0.5 speed

  • LaChef
    LaChef12 dager siden

    Josh - "Im actually answering this seriously" 5 Seconds Later: "DoEs tHe CAr gO VRoOm vROom"

  • Can i get 1 Sub
    Can i get 1 Sub12 dager siden

    *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life..*

  • Waffle Cat
    Waffle Cat12 dager siden


  • Ali Alnashaba
    Ali Alnashaba12 dager siden

    petition for all of the sidemen to play Mario cart???

  • jensen
    jensen12 dager siden

    In conclusion, Ethan's a shit friend 😂

  • Jack O’Rourke
    Jack O’Rourke12 dager siden

    wheres jj???

  • Farhaan 1910
    Farhaan 191012 dager siden

    guys does simon drop the n bomb on 6:23 please tell me i aint hearing shit. Also Im african and aint offended by it

  • Shadow Nitemare
    Shadow Nitemare12 dager siden

    2:10 they should’ve put JJ as never showed, but he never showed...

  • Shadow Nitemare
    Shadow Nitemare12 dager siden

    We need more jackbox

  • James Smith
    James Smith12 dager siden

    Somehow I clicked on this video when it wasn’t even on the screen. It baffles me

  • John Hardiman
    John Hardiman12 dager siden

    man if jj was there and i was voting i would be giving him the oscar i mean have you seen there among us videos

  • Kieran Thurley
    Kieran Thurley12 dager siden

    Did the Role Models Narrator pull a fat joke on Ethan at 5:55 🤣🤣🤣

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan12 dager siden

    This games shit. Pls don’t play it again

  • Glorio Katutondua
    Glorio Katutondua13 dager siden

    Interesting Ethan said “white bitches” why specify colour?

  • JokoPk
    JokoPk13 dager siden

    was vik even here?

  • IDunno
    IDunno13 dager siden

    The Harry bueeeee in the end is all I needed to finish a video off

  • AceRenegade 12
    AceRenegade 1213 dager siden

    So did JJ get a yellow or a red for missing this vid?

  • TheKadie53
    TheKadie5313 dager siden

    Loved this!

    PAC MAN13 dager siden

    11:26 No you dont simon, you were just chapped that there was no funny answer and everyone put vikk LMAOO Your "mann" said it all HAHA

  • LaZZy I_A_Bot_Lol
    LaZZy I_A_Bot_Lol13 dager siden

    I have a theory. Who used to play for Arsenal. Santi Crazola. Who supports Arsenal. KSI. Who is Arsenals rival. Chelsea. Who plays for chelsea. Pulisic. Where is Pulisic from. USA, Who used to play for USA. Justin Mearm. Where is justin Mearm form. Iraq (just like me). Where did Justin mearm live. next to my cousin. Which means KSI is related to me

  • PoLoShArK-
    PoLoShArK-13 dager siden

    6:44 That one is for the books

  • Elger Reyes
    Elger Reyes13 dager siden

    I love ethan laugh it's SO CONTAGIOUS 🤣😂😆😆

  • Jameel Almuti
    Jameel Almuti13 dager siden

    Anyone else catch the drug reference at 4:10?

  • Abdullah Mahmood
    Abdullah Mahmood13 dager siden

    U guys should fast for a vid u guys r da. Best

  • Derek the grinder
    Derek the grinder13 dager siden

    6:26 simon says the n word..

  • second account
    second account13 dager siden

    Not Ethan coming at Simons insecurities

  • Vincent Marandola
    Vincent Marandola13 dager siden

    Uploading date Saturday 24th April 2021