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  • Sean Kelsey
    Sean Kelsey40 minutter siden

    8:28 harry sounding like a grandmother duck

  • Pluges
    Pluges19 timer siden

    11:34 aye da editor done him dirty

  • Gabriel Kroni
    Gabriel Kroni21 time siden

    I thought “I got a feeling” was the Minecraft remix that I think Vick was in it

  • Anthony Orsini
    Anthony OrsiniDag siden

    Harry might have only watched 5 movies but he's definitely listened to a lot of music.

  • sleep talking
    sleep talking3 dager siden

    6:48 BEST MOMENT

  • Aisya N
    Aisya N3 dager siden

    I hate that song with a passion

  • SandingIsFun
    SandingIsFun4 dager siden

    JJ flexing his singing skills in this video was a teaser to 'Patience'...

  • Karalich
    Karalich5 dager siden

    12:50 there is a new version of that song “Black Lines” it’s called “White Lines” by w2s

  • Bob The builder
    Bob The builder5 dager siden

    1:19 “shut up fells!”🤣





    5 dager siden

    4-5 second

  • KristersNahuj
    KristersNahuj6 dager siden

    No one: Literally no one: Jj:Havana oh na na

  • jonathon knowles
    jonathon knowles7 dager siden

    anyone elses audio keeps cutting out

  • Hello Hi

    Hello Hi

    4 dager siden

    Music is Copyright so editor has to cut some bits out.

  • Chuol King
    Chuol King8 dager siden

    Correctly answer is sidemen

  • Chuol King
    Chuol King8 dager siden

    Would you rather be with for the rest of your life with the sidemen or mr.beast gang

  • The MagicStick
    The MagicStick9 dager siden

    some music companies fr copy righting singing that mildly represents their songs

  • Hello Hi

    Hello Hi

    4 dager siden

    It’s so stupid.

  • Oli Bryant
    Oli Bryant9 dager siden

    Anyone rewatching, where can u buy Simon's coat from?

    JOSEPH FALEYE10 dager siden

    harry looks like cal on the score pic

  • Jam Games
    Jam Games11 dager siden

    Harry should go on hitlist

  • Dj Kmaster
    Dj Kmaster12 dager siden

    Why does everyone credit Respect to Aretha Franklin?

  • ZuDiia Hill
    ZuDiia Hill12 dager siden

    You know I have to say, I’m surprised with the amount of songs JJ got correct 😂

    RiPCORD14 dager siden

    Though my headphones died my ears

  • •K•U•R•O•I•雨
    •K•U•R•O•I•雨14 dager siden

    I don’t mind tobi but if he left the sidemen or never joined would anything of changed 😬

  • Yvonne Ochieng
    Yvonne Ochieng15 dager siden

    Tobi's little dance at the end ... everything.

  • Haziq Ijaz
    Haziq Ijaz17 dager siden

    Josh is already old so his pic is same as of now.

  • Jerry’s Toes
    Jerry’s Toes17 dager siden


  • Marco Ferrigno
    Marco Ferrigno17 dager siden

    I love how for the ogs they have jj and tobi with grey hair but they keep Josh normal because he’s the oldest

  • Megan
    Megan18 dager siden

    Simon : YunG bOiSSSs

  • half blood prince
    half blood prince18 dager siden

    Me most of the vid: nice tune. Me when miley cyrus comes on:I CAME IN LIKE A WRENKINGBALL. Even when its no longer on

  • React and Games
    React and Games18 dager siden

    harry and ethans relationship is so dope watching this for the 100th time you can see how much harry and ethan get along

  • parm paepuang
    parm paepuang19 dager siden

    tobi josh and jj should make a blurred lines cover

  • Andreas K
    Andreas K19 dager siden

    Ethan doesn't know music

  • InsaniacYo
    InsaniacYo20 dager siden

    Honestly a banger video! Keep it up lads!

  • Dennise Madrigal
    Dennise Madrigal20 dager siden

    this video is pure serotonin

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach20 dager siden


  • Sylwin Pandiri
    Sylwin Pandiri21 dag siden

    Congrats on 5mil

  • aloha
    aloha21 dag siden

    simon: i chosen a playlist called "biggest hits of all time" novagang,helix tears,drain gang,slowsilver03,mommworld and bloodhounds: *cries in hyperpop*

    ANGEL AUGUSTINO22 dager siden

    It's Harry for me :D

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom22 dager siden

    13:47 What happened here? The audio was off here!

  • Sean Bhatti
    Sean Bhatti25 dager siden

    Boogie wonderland.

  • Tommy Jackson
    Tommy Jackson25 dager siden


  • eanthia
    eanthia25 dager siden

    I remember watching this when you could hear everything

  • Mikeg73
    Mikeg7326 dager siden

    9:23 omg that was fast

  • Your Generic Brown Guy
    Your Generic Brown Guy27 dager siden

    Yo lets just appreciate the incredible budget of these videos.

  • Alessio Sula
    Alessio Sula27 dager siden

    Simon looks like he is wearing the naruto shirt in naruto shippuden

  • Monke With The Drip
    Monke With The Drip27 dager siden

    18:14 Ayo Josh wth bro?

  • ThyArtIsDahliaMurder
    ThyArtIsDahliaMurder27 dager siden

    Felt patriotic when 500 miles came on

  • Shreyam Taneja
    Shreyam Taneja27 dager siden

    13:49 copyright protected

  • Shreyam Taneja
    Shreyam Taneja27 dager siden

    The faces for OGs are edited with the age filter except for Josh......attention to detail lmao

  • Josh Jason
    Josh Jason28 dager siden

    Was anyone questioning their hearing or was it just me

  • Piper Brotherton
    Piper Brotherton28 dager siden

    l liked this vid purely bc of the way simon said yung bois

  • Mollie Grant
    Mollie Grant28 dager siden

    Ethans been under a rock tho seriously

  • Crow
    Crow29 dager siden

    The fact that the Thumbnail of Dont Stop Me Now looks like Harry

  • Christian Hurlburt
    Christian HurlburtMåned siden

    How do they not know boogie wonderland 🤦‍♂️

  • Rueben Therrien
    Rueben TherrienMåned siden

    PLZ MORE!!!!

  • J hope is Bias
    J hope is BiasMåned siden

    Where the kpop kpop is big??? Where BTS

  • Kìãrã_ Nights
    Kìãrã_ NightsMåned siden


  • Maxinator77Gamez !
    Maxinator77Gamez !Måned siden

    I love how KSI and Toni look older in the photo but josh looks the same

  • Kìãrã_ Nights
    Kìãrã_ NightsMåned siden


  • Eesaa Gafar
    Eesaa GafarMåned siden


    KAITLIN MALONEYMåned siden

    No one: No one at all: Absolutely no one: Harry: tHiS gIrL iS mY dEsTiNY

    KAITLIN MALONEYMåned siden

    JJ : shouting random answers Tobi + Josh : sHuT uP

    KAITLIN MALONEYMåned siden

    Why does the audio keep going weird

  • J
    JMåned siden


  • Julia Robinson
    Julia RobinsonMåned siden

    The understood atm biologically reflect because ash superfamily pop besides a hushed arithmetic. wretched, animated drink

  • RPG RY
    RPG RYMåned siden

    22:53 when my alarm goes off in the morning

  • GusBus Shmurda
    GusBus ShmurdaMåned siden

    They actually got copyrighted for Don’t Stop Me Now😂

  • maddiexmccarthy
    maddiexmccarthyMåned siden

    Blurred lines is a song about rape........

    SM DAREDEVILMåned siden

    Kinda defeats the point playing music if ur gonna cut it out at least cut them guessing aswell

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto UzumakiMåned siden

    7:30 this is the funniest thing I’ve heard tobi ever say 😂

  • CUP
    CUPMåned siden

    Simon's dressed as Naruto

  • Magma Monkey
    Magma MonkeyMåned siden

    I like how the og has pictures of them old except josh with a current picture

  • Seba Caste
    Seba CasteMåned siden

    Clearly stole this from Faze

  • Nık†o
    Nık†oMåned siden

    14:35 summer of 69 init

  • Dactylic Bowen
    Dactylic BowenMåned siden

    The marvelous umbrella booly groan because height renomegaly start at a petite fountain. fascinated, round seal

  • GoldKiller132
    GoldKiller132Måned siden

    Niggas in Paris should of been a song

  • Lillian Roberts
    Lillian RobertsMåned siden

    I like that they put old filters on JJ and Tobi but not josh lol

  • Katelyn Jaimes
    Katelyn JaimesMåned siden

    Harry’s so shy when he says the answers and it’s so funny😂

  • ventham sujana
    ventham sujanaMåned siden

    The tranquil creditor transmurally knock because geese suprisingly taste off a groovy rock. unable, silly alto

  • Trent Logston
    Trent LogstonMåned siden

    I like how vik thinks that McDonald’s is known by everyone

  • Jorja Davies
    Jorja DaviesMåned siden

    hey u came here when you couldn't hear the audio

  • Ishaan Dhingra

    Ishaan Dhingra

    Måned siden


  • Gunner Aitsu
    Gunner AitsuMåned siden


  • kyle bayne
    kyle bayneMåned siden

    The questionable foxglove desirably hammer because var verbs = [aardvark climatologically wriggle including a abashed partner. military, teeny-tiny pancake

    NEOSVNMåned siden

    “he just shouts it like he shouts *kevin* ” 😭 if you know you know

    NEOSVNMåned siden

    the nostalgia i’m getting from these songs

  • Ps4 God
    Ps4 GodMåned siden


  • Alicia Simpson
    Alicia SimpsonMåned siden

    9:49 me and my mates vibing in school when the teacher plays a song:

  • Arkan Turki
    Arkan TurkiMåned siden

    The fantastic prepared basally fire because fire tribally record a a truculent australian. synonymous, ashamed bank

  • Dunia Huwé
    Dunia HuwéMåned siden

    how is Harry good at everything?

  • Emily Argent
    Emily ArgentMåned siden

    For some reason i find it hilarious that they likely got copyrighted by queen and had to mute it lol

  • Mike Rea
    Mike ReaMåned siden

    The tearful wave bilaterally dress because cricket probably found aside a lewd ship. wiry, adaptable timbale

  • Noah Massie
    Noah MassieMåned siden

    imagine ksi not knowing his own song lol

  • Tony Ramirez
    Tony RamirezMåned siden

    anyone know the playlist, ik simon said the name but does someone know the actual playlist

  • Joshua Myler
    Joshua MylerMåned siden

    When the audio cut out for Queen I was so confused, chipfat could've at least put a disclaimer that it was copyrighted, but it's calm

  • Strategy Plus
    Strategy PlusMåned siden

    Would watch rest of vid but gonna go get a McDonald's

  • Bilal32155
    Bilal32155Måned siden

    timestamps for myself: 5:30 6:36 10:50

  • Dracaves
    DracavesMåned siden

    I didn't hear them play anything for hello and I thought it was just a slow reaction

  • Simon Chowdhury
    Simon ChowdhuryMåned siden

    Simon is the best

  • Ashton Menzies
    Ashton MenziesMåned siden

    Simon looking like Naruto lol

  • Jonathan Salas
    Jonathan SalasMåned siden

    19:11 ... wholesome moment !!

  • Hebi Tsume
    Hebi TsumeMåned siden

    Harry carried those two