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  • RexMortem Gaming
    RexMortem Gaming4 timer siden


  • Petar Number1
    Petar Number110 timer siden

    I coud beat them all together and im 15

  • Zigaaa
    Zigaaa2 dager siden

    I love Vik but he hasn’t stopped talking through the whole video😂😂😂

  • Miles Goldsworthy
    Miles Goldsworthy2 dager siden

    i got leg cramps watching this

  • Alfie Neave
    Alfie Neave2 dager siden

    What are those shoes Harry have on

  • Haider Kabal
    Haider Kabal3 dager siden

    Vik is so cringe 😂

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith3 dager siden

    i know if i did this i could easily do the pace for a while, then sprint at 20km for the last minute, but i would be throwing up a shit load directly after i stop

  • HazGamer1878
    HazGamer18783 dager siden

    You copied mrmbeast

  • zain
    zain3 dager siden

    25:31 is that his girl?

  • Cait Buckley
    Cait Buckley4 dager siden

    May I just say Harry, looking good man 😍😍

  • Ethereal_Samurai
    Ethereal_Samurai4 dager siden

    JJ’s narration sounded like him from 2013

  • Matteo Matteo
    Matteo Matteo5 dager siden

    Running on a treadmill is much easier though

  • exp oite
    exp oite7 dager siden

    2 fat people vs 3 skinny people

  • Everett Wilkinson
    Everett Wilkinson9 dager siden

    Ethan and harry look so fit now. hats off to you guys keep it up

  • Niall Wagner
    Niall Wagner9 dager siden

    Average 5k time of 22.7 mins for Harry and Ethan. Very decent

  • Frizzle
    Frizzle10 dager siden

    Ethan goes purple everytime

  • Frizzle
    Frizzle10 dager siden

    I’m gonna c if I can do 4 Km without stopping on 14

  • Nemo singing
    Nemo singing10 dager siden

    You should do it again but on an actual track

  • Ijaaz Adams
    Ijaaz Adams10 dager siden

    They need to do this again JJ. Harry.Simon Ethan.Zerk.Vik.Tobi

  • kingxkipper
    kingxkipper10 dager siden

    We all know jj just didn't want to be seen running

  • zack chennouf
    zack chennouf10 dager siden

    Stealing Mr. Beast ideas isn't a good look on you guys....

  • Jayden kelso
    Jayden kelso11 dager siden

    This is like the first video I've heard tobi swear

  • Screen Raider
    Screen Raider11 dager siden

    Finally started speaking to Vic like an equal

  • Rusty Robster
    Rusty Robster11 dager siden

    Idk seems like they copy Mr Beast, not sure though



    5 dager siden

    Mr beast doesn't own the idea.

  • H tube reaction
    H tube reaction11 dager siden

    Bro I’m 13 years old and I finished 5km in 23 minutes 💪

  • nono user
    nono user11 dager siden

    Duck me

  • Max Dempsey
    Max Dempsey11 dager siden

    Harry is a beast

  • AdAm SaNtOnE
    AdAm SaNtOnE11 dager siden

    Yo joshes hair grey

  • Ben Knowles
    Ben Knowles12 dager siden

    harry has 3 lungs

  • Jr struik
    Jr struik12 dager siden

    Should this again but have 3 people on each side next time to make it fair

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce12 dager siden

    JJ did good in this . Wait

  • Junior Diroche
    Junior Diroche12 dager siden

    Ethan has elz the witch as his background on his phone

  • D.5 lefar
    D.5 lefar13 dager siden

    They do video like 14 year old vs the sidemen longest runner

  • Jack Kame
    Jack Kame13 dager siden

    Making gamers work out lol

  • minefall
    minefall13 dager siden

    When Ethan celebrated at the end y was his Lock Screen elz??

  • Akuto5an
    Akuto5an14 dager siden

    Those slow-mo shots of them running are pretty slick

  • Park Scarlet
    Park Scarlet14 dager siden

    They look like a cartoon character running to catch coins

  • Marcus Finkle
    Marcus Finkle14 dager siden

    This group may be the only guys to make running on a treadmill entertaining

  • Shadow
    Shadow15 dager siden

    Nah the elz the witch edit on Ethan's phone at the end, lmfaooo

  • Laksh Verma
    Laksh Verma15 dager siden

    Simon and Ethan were red at the end

  • Procastination_is_my_passion
    Procastination_is_my_passion15 dager siden

    Shout out to Ethan, he wouldn't have been able to participate well in these sorts of challenges a few years ago. Look at him now! Man's a whole beast

  • zChoccymilk
    zChoccymilk16 dager siden

    vik just shut the fuck up and let him run

  • Lexi Adomian
    Lexi Adomian16 dager siden

    The only reason I run is if I'm at footy training or if I have to run to get something I really want🤣

  • Leigh O'Hara
    Leigh O'Hara16 dager siden

    New duracell advert

  • Outraged Gaming
    Outraged Gaming17 dager siden

    Click bait again ffs, im done

    ZRAZ YT17 dager siden

    im not sure if jj wasnt in this since he runs and has exercised, but idk

  • Mark chrisofaro
    Mark chrisofaro17 dager siden

    They should do this again outside. Whole different story😈

  • laylay lena
    laylay lena17 dager siden


  • Kate Knight
    Kate Knight17 dager siden

    Im wating for the new baywatch eith harry In it

  • Radhakrishna badal
    Radhakrishna badal18 dager siden

    We all understand......that u dont like the game crash but you are playing this as you want a sponsorship🤣🤣🤣

  • Haru- H
    Haru- H18 dager siden

    0:28 Erectile Dysfunction???

  • Rhysyroo_
    Rhysyroo_18 dager siden

    What shoes is Behzinga wearing they look fire!

  • Michael Dower
    Michael Dower18 dager siden

    Honestly Ethan, the transformation is amazing, i've been watching old Sidemen Videos and to see not only your physical appearance change but also your mental determination strengthen is a real boost for people. if you went back in time 5 years ago and told your past self, you would run a marathon, win in most of the fitness challenges and have the willpower to push yourself to those greater heights do you think he would have believed you?

  • Emma Lamont
    Emma Lamont19 dager siden

    vik looking like a wee mum doing a 5k with the gals

  • TTV Toxic
    TTV Toxic20 dager siden

    Wow This was a entertaining video

  • Hopeless Ainsworth
    Hopeless Ainsworth20 dager siden

    Well Music literally can change anyone

  • Dominic Pasina
    Dominic Pasina20 dager siden

    vikk sh

  • Lucas Ibrahim
    Lucas Ibrahim20 dager siden

    24:30 Ethan and harry: composed simon and tobi: look tired vikk: looks like he's on trial for being a witch

  • Matej Miklavc
    Matej Miklavc20 dager siden


  • Deanna Pogson
    Deanna Pogson20 dager siden

    25:31 you good there Ethan ? whats on your phone mate 😳

  • Jay Herald
    Jay Herald21 dag siden

    Where’s JJ

  • Daniel Brogan
    Daniel Brogan21 dag siden

    I wanna see this again but with jj in it

  • Ninjashark 04
    Ninjashark 0421 dag siden

    what shoes they wearing ethan and harry

  • William Wren
    William Wren21 dag siden

    Simon runs with all shoulder and hip rotating. His long strides though are the sleeper

  • Junayet Hasan
    Junayet Hasan21 dag siden

    Vik needs to shut the f up

  • Dilpreet Singh
    Dilpreet Singh22 dager siden

    17:17 that save tho

  • Raditya Ammar
    Raditya Ammar22 dager siden

    Look at behz phone case lol 25:28

  • The Gaming Snorlax
    The Gaming Snorlax22 dager siden

    The gray side by side was great since the camera for Simon was visibly so much higher

  • Rory Mcrae
    Rory Mcrae23 dager siden

    Elz the wich on Ethans phone case

    MAXNOWEN GAMERS AT 247 223 dager siden

    Even like u called me fat, now look who’s lacking 😂

  • destinitra
    destinitra23 dager siden


  • Lewis Chatterton
    Lewis Chatterton23 dager siden

    Behzhingas phone case photoshop is beautiful at the end 😂

  • Jensen Hollands
    Jensen Hollands23 dager siden

    Who else saw ethens wallpaper?

  • Nickolas Ghiotto
    Nickolas Ghiotto23 dager siden

    Did anyone see when they green screened Behz phone screen to Elz so you couldn’t read his messages 😂around 25:32

  • Alex James
    Alex James23 dager siden

    I felt out of breath watching this

  • Isaac Lind
    Isaac Lind23 dager siden

    anyone else wish they could jsut go and do this by themselves and try to beat them

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh Byrne24 dager siden

    Ethan has Been exposed at the end when he checks the time on his phone his screensaver is elz the witch

  • Danielle Holmes
    Danielle Holmes24 dager siden

    Trying to be like Mr beast

  • Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos

    22 dager siden

    Everyone wants to be the best

  • Jarrett Hayes
    Jarrett Hayes24 dager siden

    What is that full white room btw

  • Old KSI Videos

    Old KSI Videos

    24 dager siden

    It's from 20v1 sidemen Sunday

  • TMM Jelly
    TMM Jelly24 dager siden

    Bro more sidemen is actually just becoming the main channel but a slightly more shot house

  • Alfie Fletcher
    Alfie Fletcher24 dager siden


  • Rustless Loki
    Rustless Loki25 dager siden

    Damn josh don't look to good

  • ShotGunSling
    ShotGunSling25 dager siden

    Which song was bhez listening to?

  • Phil
    Phil25 dager siden

    JJ probably recorded a banging music video to miss this.

  • Henry Howard
    Henry Howard25 dager siden

    kinda seems tense between simon and ethan

  • bb beeby
    bb beeby25 dager siden

    Harry is a fucking tank

  • Peskybird 100
    Peskybird 10026 dager siden

    There biggest mistake was talking while running

  • Giffer Studios
    Giffer Studios26 dager siden

    Lol I can run further by myself without feeling tired. I’m only average on my high school XC team.

  • Tinashe Nyatsine
    Tinashe Nyatsine26 dager siden

    Vik looks like a dad 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Chris wizard beard Best
    Chris wizard beard Best26 dager siden

    One thing that could help you guys is stretching before and after running also trying to keep control of your breathing can make a big difference

  • Chris wizard beard Best
    Chris wizard beard Best26 dager siden

    I've done my fair share of martial arts and in the training is a lot of running even the beep test so can't give a number but a lot PMSL

  • Zukur
    Zukur26 dager siden


  • Victoria
    Victoria27 dager siden

    I miss going to the gym... I loved running so much, if only my knees weren't so bad..

  • Jack Selby
    Jack Selby27 dager siden


  • Kacper Zakrocki
    Kacper Zakrocki27 dager siden

    viks a bender

  • Graham Burdett
    Graham Burdett27 dager siden

    Shut up vik

  • W4fflez
    W4fflez27 dager siden

    Other team : uses everyone Harry’s team : all we need is Harry

  • Manisha Badjatya
    Manisha Badjatya27 dager siden

    Why is jj not in the video

  • Ryanveer Chouhan

    Ryanveer Chouhan

    26 dager siden

    I think he said he had problems downstairs

  • N EM7
    N EM727 dager siden

    Anyone else noticed that vikk has massive earlobes🤔

  • Phil McCrack
    Phil McCrack27 dager siden

    SDMN aren’t SDMN without JJ