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KSI is not funny...

KSI is not funny...


  • Tyler Bradford
    Tyler Bradford16 timer siden

    Harry’s is the best by far

  • Doo Doo
    Doo Doo16 timer siden

    JJ in FIFA better than JJ in real life atp ngl💀💀💀

  • Caiylum Zide
    Caiylum Zide16 timer siden

    we’ll see what happens gonna next ok, ok

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G16 timer siden

    Play more among us

  • Benzy
    Benzy16 timer siden

    2:35 Harry kind of sounded “American” there

  • Cody Bonner
    Cody Bonner16 timer siden

    20 girls vs tunde please

  • Giovanni Hernandez
    Giovanni Hernandez16 timer siden

    Jj turned into a bull

  • MW luke180dark
    MW luke180dark16 timer siden

    simon and JJ framing eachother

  • Solo Heart
    Solo Heart17 timer siden

    Vik stands with Tommy instead of jj :/

  • Dawson Dowhy
    Dawson Dowhy17 timer siden

    18:20, Ethan was talking about his glasses case he broke and nobody was listening 🤣🤣🤣 it's so funny

  • Sam Taylor vlogs
    Sam Taylor vlogs17 timer siden

    POV ksi gave up Twitter

  • khaled Alhashmi
    khaled Alhashmi17 timer siden


  • Kevins Emmanuel
    Kevins Emmanuel17 timer siden

    20:55 fifa might actually be realistic😯

  • Leanne Jones
    Leanne Jones18 timer siden

    Ethan suffered a lot

  • Rodrigo Duarte
    Rodrigo Duarte18 timer siden

    There’s some carisma around Tommy innit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dusty Creps
    Dusty Creps18 timer siden

    Can the editors stop using the exact two songs for everything that happens

  • Daniel Mole
    Daniel Mole18 timer siden

    It’s amazing how many goals you lads would score if you cut the skills by 50%. So frustrating to watch at time. “WHERE IS MY DEATH?!”

  • Thomas
    Thomas18 timer siden

    Can we ditch the subtitles please cheers

  • Hirbod Ghadiri
    Hirbod Ghadiri18 timer siden

    Lokk at these mfs, the only thing that JJ does while he is not acting cool, they all make fun of it thousand times. If it was a few time it would be fine but throughout the whole fucking video. Damn that’s annoying.

  • Mikey Millbank
    Mikey Millbank18 timer siden

    does anyone know what version of bayern shirt ethan is wearing?

  • Specialist_A 247
    Specialist_A 24718 timer siden

    The sfx when the opposition score is too funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • RED X7
    RED X718 timer siden


  • Mohzyy Jackpot
    Mohzyy Jackpot18 timer siden

    Does anyone know the song at 13:00

  • J A
    J A18 timer siden

    THIS: 7:19

  • Pluges
    Pluges18 timer siden

    11:34 aye da editor done him dirty

  • GG
    GG19 timer siden

    Can any one write the name of the song in the first goal

  • Omrz 2.0
    Omrz 2.019 timer siden

    12:44 Therapist: Low res vik dosent exist he wont hurt Low res vik:

  • Food Reacts
    Food Reacts19 timer siden

    Tobi is just the sweetest guy

  • WizopSway
    WizopSway19 timer siden

    Lmao Vikk with the killer Boris impression at 22:41

  • Mof salat
    Mof salat19 timer siden

    KSI needs to use his inside voice, it’s annoying how much he unnecessarily screams...

  • Daniel
    Daniel19 timer siden

    Whoa, this is so sick

  • Zingu
    Zingu19 timer siden

    #SayNoToEuropeanSuperLeague #GlazersOut

  • Matthew
    Matthew19 timer siden

    Sidemen won on a Harry any? Wow.

  • Bhaskar Paudel
    Bhaskar Paudel19 timer siden

    JJ actually for once had a good any game.

    CHRISTOPHER Games Cox19 timer siden

    Subscribers Christopher game’s cox Christopher 1991 cox NOlocal

  • Jamie Haldane
    Jamie Haldane19 timer siden

    “Probably in the closet”

  • Carl Olmstead
    Carl Olmstead19 timer siden

    I wanna race Tobi so damn bad lmao

  • Kyle Parrott
    Kyle Parrott19 timer siden

    Yt is dead af now cos they cancelle everything like why tf you even make Yt kids

  • Zac Gamer525
    Zac Gamer52519 timer siden

    I liked Harry until today. The spurs roast was awful in my opinion

  • Jack Tilson
    Jack Tilson19 timer siden

    My time is fuckin 00:36

  • TheDukeOfDragons HD
    TheDukeOfDragons HD19 timer siden


  • Swag Created
    Swag Created20 timer siden

    11:06 jj’s dodge had me dead lolol

  • Jepta
    Jepta20 timer siden

    0:32 I get old KSI vibes

  • Tharsan J
    Tharsan J20 timer siden

    lit ep.

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix20 timer siden

    Chunky Josh

  • Alex H.
    Alex H.20 timer siden

    You know what’s funny KSI is still a very well-known clan may not stand for the same thing but there is KSI on Xbox they’re known for booting and fucking with people though

  • Eric Strober
    Eric Strober20 timer siden

    We NEED a sidemen 7 minutes in heaven lmao\

  • Henry Mason
    Henry Mason20 timer siden

    Bring jj back to the golf vids you assholes

  • Henry Mason
    Henry Mason20 timer siden

    Imagine having 1,000,000 on the line would be crazyyyyy

  • W
    W20 timer siden


  • Yvonne Bayitse
    Yvonne Bayitse20 timer siden

    can someone tell me the music they use for editing

  • Ramazan BIKMAZ
    Ramazan BIKMAZ20 timer siden

    I'm so proud that I'm from turkey (we r everywhere)

  • Harry Carr
    Harry Carr20 timer siden

    Damnit we all hate censored moments

  • marcus bye
    marcus bye20 timer siden

    btw musty is not a pro a rocket league youtuber only

  • Eirik Sandberg
    Eirik Sandberg20 timer siden

    JZL performance today was stunning, can`t believe no one recognizing it in the comments

  • Abdullah Ijaz
    Abdullah Ijaz20 timer siden

    Could anyone tell me the intro song

  • bannedfahim 2012 unedited
    bannedfahim 2012 unedited20 timer siden

    Lol its great


    1:06 what is in ethans mouth m&ms?

  • Mohammed
    Mohammed21 time siden


  • Ahmed Samatar 07
    Ahmed Samatar 0721 time siden

    go on lads

  • ADAM984
    ADAM98421 time siden

    Sidemen vs NOlocal all stars fifa 21 pro clubs 👌

  • El Reign Undag
    El Reign Undag21 time siden

    sidemen trying to make tommy innit fans to sidmen fans

  • Otlotleng Mudau
    Otlotleng Mudau21 time siden

    Support moral

  • Jenifer Rivera
    Jenifer Rivera21 time siden


  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez21 time siden

    Poor ethan i feel so bad for him

  • Gabriel Kroni
    Gabriel Kroni21 time siden

    I thought “I got a feeling” was the Minecraft remix that I think Vick was in it

  • Matty Marler
    Matty Marler21 time siden

    Suspense music in the back must go

  • HenryyGoal _
    HenryyGoal _21 time siden

    Cleanest YEET of the decade 21:12

  • Chewittboss Gangster
    Chewittboss Gangster21 time siden

    Why does the music build up for 10 mins before anything happens 😂😂😂

  • Pure Mowt XD
    Pure Mowt XD21 time siden

    “Let’s not talk Politics” -Tobi Brown 2021

  • Miska Tarkka
    Miska Tarkka21 time siden

    Have to agree with Harry on the first statement

  • emma Kinney
    emma Kinney21 time siden

    Josh saying now number 5 though from B99 🤣

  • Pixl
    Pixl21 time siden

    Petition to get them all in the call next time

  • Parker Armstrong
    Parker Armstrong21 time siden

    I really hope this turns into a series

  • Omrz 2.0
    Omrz 2.021 time siden

    Tobi is a better rapper then JJ change my mind

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man21 time siden

    Title: Is KSI The Smartest Sideman? Me: Nope

  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez21 time siden

    Simon sucks at counting and keeping track of what they said

  • Ryan Lawyer
    Ryan Lawyer22 timer siden

    McDonald’s is yeah

  • jeff judo
    jeff judo22 timer siden

    @ksi how is arsenal😅😅

  • SCP 6
    SCP 622 timer siden

    is stereo flipped or just me